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Tangent Cinque - wood-covered DAB/CD sound system


Not content with producing the best-looking internet radio on the market, Tanget now has one of the most stylish tabletop sound systems around - the Tangent Cinque.

Described as a digital sound centre, the Cinque offers a choice of DAB or FM radio (with all the usual presets and visuals), CD playback and MP3/WMA compatibility. It might be useful by the bed too, throwing in a a choice of alarm function (radio or CD). The own downside is the remote control - obviously the designers passed that one by.

If the walnut finish isn't your thing, there's also white, black and red to choose from, with each model retailing from £239. A version without the DAB is also available from £189.

Find out more at the Advanced MP3 Players website

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