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Vauni Globe - freestanding circular fireplace


It might not look the part in a 1930s semi-detached, but if you have a large room in need of a focal point, the Vauni Globe by Markus Grip could fit the bill.

The Vauni Globe is a circular ethanol fireplace. It doesn't require a chimney and can be turned 360 degrees, depending on where you want the heat. To use it, fill with fuel and light with the (supplied) lighter - one tank should see you through the evening, although that depends on how high you want your flames. And when it goes out, there's no debris to clean up, unlike a traditional fire.

Slightly retro in design (and not unlike a large PacMan), the Vauni Globe is available online, priced at $6,101, which is just over £3,000.

Find out more at the PID website

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