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Modern Toss Twitter limited edition screenprint


Modern Toss has a new batch of prints and merchandise on offer to coincide with its new exhibition at the Ink'd Gallery in Brighton - including this Modern Toss Twitter limited edition screenprint.

Yes, cashing in on the current net buzz, it's a variation of the Work series. If you can't see the text it goes:

'Have you got a pencil I can borrow?'

Followed by...
'That's brilliant mate, do you mind if I Twitter that?'

In terms of the print, it's a signed silkscreen, limited to 100 and sized a 30cm x 40cm. See over the page for the full-sized print and if you want one for your office wall, it costs £35.

Ink'd website


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these are the dumbest cartoons ever.. how is that funny?? can i borrow a pencil, oh thats good can i put it on twitter?!! thatisnt even remotely funny!!!

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