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Tarantula Tea Light holder by DesignedMade


Not just a piece of design, the Tarantula Tea Light holder by DesignedMade is also a one-man manufacturing process.

Ok, not quite one man, but Jonathan Krawczuk (the man behind DesignedMade) believes in taking a product from idea to the sales floor. And with the Tarantula Tea Light, that has meant using specialist firms on Yorkshire to turn idea to reality, with Krawczuk himself getting hands-on with creating that spider-like shape in the workshop.

The result is something distinctive, eye-catching and stylish - not to mention functional. The only thing that doesn't seem to have been sorted out yet is the retail side - although you can email DesignedMade via its website, should you want to know when the Tarantula will be hitting the market.

DesignedMade website

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