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Shelter House of Cards


The homeless charity Shelter is launching a campaign based on playing cards to raise awareness of the number of families who face losing their homes every year.

As part of the campaign Shelter have asked 53 designers and artists to each design a card, which will then be auctioned off individually and printed as a limited edition set. The great and the good of the design world have contributed including Vivienne Westwood, Tim Walker, Barbara Hulanicki and the Chapman brothers among many others.

The cards will be on show from the 24th of September at the Haunch of Venison Gallery.

Find out more at Shelter House of Cards.
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Thank you for featuring this article. I am very proud to have been a part of SHELTER's House of Cards campaign and the exhibition at the haunch of Venison Gallery. I would urge anyone who hasn't yet to snap up the remaining packs of A5 art cards - great collectors items and all proceeds go to SHELTER... Also remember that all the artworks in the exhibition are being auctioned on Monday 28th September 2009 to raise further funds for SHELTER - a great chance to get your hands on a piece of art history. Mauricio Ortiz

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