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Stylophone Beatbox hits the stores


It was talked about some months back, but now the next-generation Stylophone Beatbox has hit UK stores, which means you can annoy family and friends with it throughout the festive season.

if the original Stylophone screamed the 70s, this one screams the 80s. Replacing the proto-synth sounds is (as the name suggests), beatbox-like sounds from three different sound palettes - percussion, actual beatboxing (provided by beatbox champion MC Zani) and bass tones. Throw in the option of creating a percussion loop and you're good to go for creating your own backing track with just a flick of the stylus.

The Stylophone Beatbox can connect to your MP3 player or hi-fi (cable included) for jamming  along to your favourite records or if you prefer, a headphone socket keeps it all in your head. Cheap too - just £19.99.

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