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Bodum FYRKAT cone-shaped charcoal grill


Hard to find an interesting or stylish barbecue, but this Bodum FYRKAT cone-shaped charcoal grill is certainly up there with the best of them.

Before we even look at the practicalities, let's look at the design - it's impressive and eye-catching, especially if you go for one of the bolder colours, like the orange above.

Good functionality too, including the option to barbecue in the traditional way as well as having the option of easily and quickly transforming it into a battery-operated rotisserie with the rotating spit. There are also two grilling levels and an adjustable airflow regulator, as well as having a shape that makes the FYRKAT easy to clean.

Made from enamel coated steel, stainless steel and heat-resistant silicone, it's available in that variety of colours for £139.

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