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Lekki reissues the Nintendo Gameboy Pocket in bold new colours

We have featured Lekki before, a company that's seemingly obsessed with the 1990s, in particular mobile phones of that era (like the Nokia 3210 and the Motorola StarTAC. But now the company has moved into gaming, specifically with the Nintendo Gameboy Pocket.

This pocket-sized gaming machine dates back to 1996, with Lekki once again taking the bones of an old gaming machine, giving in a makeover, adding some colour and adding some cool, modern packaging. The result? Eco-friendly gaming with a vintage twist. Ok, the games aren't going to be cutting edge, but they'll still have plenty of playability and best of all, be ridiculously cheap.

Take your pick from orange/white, blue/white, yellow-white and green/white, all sold with an introductory game and all selling online for 90 Euros.

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