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Past meets present with the Polaroid Z340 camera

Some time back, Polaroid teamed up with Lady Gaga to show off the prototype Polaroid GL30, a retro-style instant camera for the modern age. Fast forward to this week and the Polaroid Z340 camera is the product that's actually launched, looking rather like that original design.

It's a classic Polaroid in essence, packing a 14-megapixel sensor and of course, a built-in printer, which uses modern-era Zink paper for images that are said to be water resistant, smudge and tear proof. You can also preview those snaps ahead of being printed on a  2.7-inch LCD screen and get closer to the action with 4x digital zoom on board.

As well as printing, you can store your snaps on SD card, which might save a bit on that paper. Look out for it instore soon, £229.99 is the price.

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