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BMW shows off Mini Rocketman Olympic Edition


A new Mini? Not quite, although the Mini Rocketman Olympic Edition could be the basis for an all-new Mini.

This is an update of a car first seen back in 2011, a smaller Mini (just like the original concept you could say) that could be the company's new secret weapon to grab some customers looking for a car that's easier on the wallet when it comes to fuel consumption.

The car packs a lightweight carbon fibre reinforced plastic frame, along with three full-size seats plus an extra jump-seat designed for a small child. On a less practical (but more eye-catching) side, it also has a full-surface glass roof, with illuminated braces that recreate the look of the Union flag.

No word on the mechanics or indeed, if this mini Mini will finally go into production. With petrol prices continuing to rise, you wouldn't bet against it.

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