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Dedon Nestrest - your very own oversized bird's nest


Fancy a bit of secluded 'me' time? You'll get it in the Dedon Nestrest…at a price.

It is a nest of sorts, the nearest you'll get to one without looking completely mad. But this is also a lounger too, with cushions making your nest a very comfortable place to 'hang' - imagine just kicking back into this on a warm summer's day.

The 'nest' is constructed using a wide weave, which means you can see out - but no one can see in, unless they're looking in through the entrance hole at the top. If you don't trust a tree to keep you up, you can also opt for a turning base instead of the rope suspension.

Downside? Almost certainly the price. You'll be looking at £6,800 if you want one.

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