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Romain Jerome x Colette limited edition Space Invaders watch


You might have had a Space Invaders watch at school. If you did, we suspect it cost considerably less than the Romain Jerome x Colette limited edition Space Invaders watch, which is now available to order.

This is an officially-sanctioned Taito product, limited to just eight pieces. Yes, you read that right. Not only that, the distinctive steel case is mixed with fragments of Apollo 11, with the four functional ball-and-socket joints on the corners of the case shaped like the legs of the lunar landing modules of the American space missions. They also hold the lugs of the rubber straps, allowing the watch to adjust to all kinds of wrist sizes.

The watch also features a plate made of 'Moon Silver' (a silver alloy incorporating moon rocks) to reproduce the lunar surface on the back of the watch and Space Invaders that are hand-applied to the watch and available in four different colours.

That kind of detail obviously means money. In this case, we're talking £11,733.75. Yes, the price of some new cars. But at least you'll be in an exclusive club. Just don't lose it.

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