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Birds Eye Mashtags - the potato product for social media addicts

We thought it was a wind up, but oh no - Birds Eye Mashtags are a very real thing.

At least, they will be from March, when the company moves from using social networks to promote a product to using a social network as a product. All are made from 'real potatoes', each piece in the shape of a hashtag, smiley face, @ symbol, asterisk or a heart.

'The addition of Mashtags to our food range is an exciting development for Birds Eye. Social media is all about conversation and we’re confident Mashtags will resonate across various groups of people,' claims senior brand manager Pete Johnson. He adds: 'We’re constantly looking for ways to innovate and inspire consumers and hope that Mashtags will get people talking around the table and help to make mealtimes more enjoyable.'

As we said, March is the date of arrival in the supermarket freezers, with Asda, Sainsbury's and Tesco likely to sell you a bag for £1.75 - or cheaper if there's a deal on.

Birds Eye website

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